State of the Art Equipment for Optimal Rehab

Plaza Health Network offers patients a rehab program which incorporates the most up-to-date equipment to promote faster, more complete recovery. Recent acquisitions include:

Balance System:

Who benefits from this machine? Boomers, Zoomers and seniors who have increased risk of falling due to age, osteoporosis, degenerative joint disease, hip fracture, knee replacement, vertigo, pneumonia, vision impairment, changes in medications as well as patients who have had a stroke, or traumatic brain injury.

Normal balance is controlled by a complex combination of visual, muscular and neurologic systems. Together these factors keep us from falling when we encounter an unexpected disturbance.

Our balance equipment will screen the patient to determine if they are “at risk” of falling and design a personalized exercise plan that will enable the patient to improve daily. We modify the factors that lead to falls in order to increase mobility and confidence, thereby enabling patients to be more independent.

Our Fall prevention Program consists of: Evaluation, Recommended Exercises, Interventions and Re-Evaluation.image descriptionimage description

Gait Trainer/Treadmill

Who benefits? Patients who have had strokes, knee replacements or hip fractures; people with unsteady, abnormal or shuffling gait; non-ambulatory individuals or those with arthritis. Visual biofeedback from this machine “re-educates” the brain so clients can walk properly again.image descriptionimage description

Unweighing System

Who benefits? Patients who have had a stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, those with Parkinson’s Disease, patients who are bed bound/unable to maintain upright position, older adults, those with amputations of lower extremities or contractures, orthopedic patientsimage descriptionimage description


Who benefits? Patients who have low endurance, stroke and orthopedic patients, people with decreased strength and coordination or paralysis. The bike provides aerobic exercise, coordination and strength training.image descriptionimage description

Bowflex Versatrainer

Who benefits? Patients who are weak or who have osteoporosis. This equipment helps build bone mass and is an excellent tool for core strengthening to improve mobility, balance and posture. Geared toward the geriatric population, the Versatrainer is wheelchair accessible.image descriptionimage description

Wii Fit program

Patients recovering from injuries or surgery enjoy their time on the Wii Fit because it seems like they are playing a game, not having rigorous physical therapy.

Bowling, baseball, tennis, golf, whatever game the patient most enjoys is the game that works. Using the same motions required in real-life sports, patients improve joint mobility, flexibility and overall endurance. And they focus their attention on playing the game…and winning instead of the hard work required for healing their bodies.

There are games to help improve balance and build strength, thus making the Wii Fit an integral part of rehabilitation therapy.image description