Fall prevention & balance therapy

Plaza Health Network sets a new standard in fall prevention and treatment
For older adults, falls are one of the greatest causes of serious health problems. Studies show that approximately 5% of falls by older adults result in a fracture; 25% of patients over age of 65 with hip fractures die within six months; 25% of patients lose significant function and 50% experience a decrease in mobility; over 50% of senior citizens who fall are likely to fall again within one year.

Services associated with the Plaza Health Network Fall Prevention Program include:
+ Screening to determine risk of falling
+ Preparation of personalized exercise plans
+ Modification of  factors leading to fall
+ Visual biofeedback to improve walking skills
+ Strength training for limbs and core muscles
+ Re-evaluation

Normal balance is controlled by a complex combination of visual, muscular and neurologic systems.  Together these factors keep us from falling when we encounter an unexpected disturbance.

Our unique Balance System screens the patient to determine if they are “at risk” of falling and designs a personalized exercise plan that enables the patient to improve daily. We modify the factors that lead to falls in order to increase mobility and confidence, thereby enabling patients to be more independent.