Rehabilitation: Plaza Health Network sets the standard in rehabilitation therapy

A full range of rehabilitation services to get individuals back on their feet, and to get them back home

After a fall, surgery or a life-altering event such as stroke or heart attack, rehabilitation is vital. Rehab programs can make the difference between a return to normal, active life and prolonged disability. Plaza Health Network and its seven rehabilitation and skilled nursing centers are committed to delivering the very best rehabilitation therapy, using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment available. Our goal is simple: to help our patients return to the highest possible level of functioning, as quickly as possible.

We offer preventative and restorative rehab for Boomers, ‘Zoomers’ and seniors such as our fall prevention and balance therapy programs; strength-building programs to restore patients to previous levels of health following injury or illness; and specialized rehab therapy for stroke survivors, patients with orthopedic injuries and patients with neuromuscular disorders.

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+ Our state of the art equipment
+ Fall prevention & balance therapy